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Hugo and Kris were always together.
They built towers. But on one day they could no longer be together anymore.

Separated they do everything they can to keep seeing each other.

To achieve that, they both have to build
their highest tower ever.

I SEE YOU is a fold-out accordion zine risoprinted with 8 colors.

Each towers has a small window to look through. If you fold-out the zine Hugo and Kris can see each other.


8 colors risograph accordion zine!
Printed with soy ink
Bright Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Aqua, Fluor Pink,
Med Blue and Orange
Recycled 160g.paper
Available in 2 languages Dutch and English
100 copies - 28x140cm

You can buy it here

I SEE YOU is SHORTLISTED for the World Illustrations Award 2023 in the catergory Children's Publishing.


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