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Festival van de ArchitectuurThe campaign for 🔵FESTIVAL VOOR DE ARCHITECTUUR🔵
I had the honour to illustrated the new campaign for Festival voor de architectuur 2023. The theme for this year is playing field.

♦️For as long as I can remember I haven been obsessed with buildings, I see shapes in everything around me. For this campaign I took a large sheet of paper and filled it with whatever building what came up in my head. It was stacking, fitting and measuring for hours. Until the complicated structure was there.

I see a little story in every building. The sun that just came up above the house, a seesaw that tries to keep its balance with all those buildings, or the spring that can’t wait for the day to start. You should see it as a glimpse into my head.♦️

This whole campaign is risoprinted by me in 4 colours 🟢🔵🟡🔴. After the printing I scanned it and made it digital again. I also illustrated 4 animations all risoprinted. It was a so much work to created and print each frame. But I really love the results.

I designed, a poster, animations, webiste banners, ticket tattoos , and the instagram campaign.
This september you can find all the designs in Belgium.



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